Thesis and Dissertation Proofreading Experience

Below is a list of just some of the thesis and dissertation topics we have edited in addition to numerous graduate and undergraduate essays.

Thesis and Dissertation Proofreading Completed
Type Subject Topic
Master's Thesis Accounting Global Entrepreneurship
Master's Thesis Anthropology Age Estimation
Master's Thesis Applied Science Water Quality
Master's Thesis Biology Gut Microbiota Assays
Master's Thesis Biochemistry Herbal Biomolecules
Doctoral Dissertation Business Institutional Logic
Doctoral Dissertation Business Consumer Behavior
Doctoral Dissertation Business Drone Delivery Strategies
Master's Thesis Business Corporate Culture
Master's Thesis Business Gender Differences in Shopping
Master's Thesis Business Money Laundering
Master's Thesis Business Social Media Marketing
Master's Thesis Business Social Networking in Japan
Master's Thesis Business Petroleum Industry Analysis
Master's Thesis Business Global Supply Chain Management
Master's Thesis Communications Social Media
Master's Thesis Communications Indigenous Voices
Doctoral Dissertation Economics Corporate Governance
Master's Thesis Economics Banking
Master's Thesis Economics Banking Governance
Doctoral Dissertation Education Supporting Students with Health Issues
Doctoral Dissertation Education Prison Education
Doctoral Dissertation Education Principal Evaluation
Doctoral Dissertation Education Indigenous Community Schools
Doctoral Dissertation Education Teaching English as a Second Language
Doctoral Dissertation Education Transliteracy in Elementary Classrooms
Doctoral Dissertation Education Community Schools
Doctoral Dissertation Education Food Literacy
Master's Thesis Education Teacher Efficacy
Master's Thesis Education Brain Development
Master's Thesis Education Second Language Acquisition
Master's Thesis Education Teacher Collaboration
Master's Thesis Education Special Education
Master's Thesis Engineering Pipeline Inspection Robot
Doctoral Dissertation Engineering Career Advancement for Engineers
Doctoral Disseertation Engineering Microwave Photonics
Doctoral Dissertation Engineering Project Management
Master's Thesis Education Learning Disabilities
Master's Thesis English Magical Realism
Master's Thesis Geography Emotional Geography
Doctoral Dissertation Law International Arbritration
Doctoral Dissertation Law International Tax Treaties
Doctoral Dissertation Leadership Multicultural Leadership
Doctoral Dissertation Leadership Presidential Moral Leadership
Doctoral Dissertation Marine Biology Coral Reefs
Master's Thesis Military History Political Theory
Doctoral Dissertation Nursing Lyme Disease
Doctoral Dissertation Nursing (DNP) Diabetes Intervention
Doctoral Dissertation Nursing (DNP) Blood Pressure Intervention
Master's Thesis Peace Studies Japanese Anti-Nuclear Movement
Doctoral Dissertation Petroleum Engineering Gas Flow Simulation
Doctoral Dissertation Political Science Regional Influence in National Politics
Doctoral Dissertation Political Science Azzad Jammu and Kashmir Governance
Master's Thesis Physiology Bone Maintenance
Master's Thesis Psychology Sleep Deprivation
Doctoral Dissertation Psychology Gay Athletes
Doctoral Dissertation Psychology Gifted Students
Master's Thesis Publishing Digital Publishing
Doctoral Dissertation Public Health Immigrant Women and Youth Empowerment
Master's Thesis Structural Engineering Acoustics
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