Thesis Proofreading FAQs

Are you available to edit my document today?

Yes. Paid services are offered 365 days per year. Unless you see a disclaimer on the upload form, I am prepared to receive your thesis and return it by your deadline that's set on the order form. I will receive a notification automatically on my cell phone as soon as an order has been placed, and I will send an invoice as soon as I can.

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How fast can you edit my thesis?

I can't answer this question without two pieces of information. One: how long your thesis is, and two: a sample of your writing. I've edited a 60,000 word thesis in four days, but sometimes it takes two days to edit an 8,000 word thesis. It depends on the topic, and the quality of the writing. In general, my rule of thumb is 6000 words per day. This allows me some flexibility to take care of the shorter requests at the same time, and I don't get over tired. I can't edit well when I'm too tired. Nonetheless, there are few editors who offer the kind of quick turnaround that I can. The average Master's thesis is between 10,000 and 20,000 words. I can return that in 2-3 days. Sometimes I work with doctoral students and they send one chapter at a time. I'm editing while they are writing the next chapter. In that case, the first chapter is sent using the form, which automatically creates an open order in my system, then subsequent chapters can be sent by email and I will send an invoice for payment.

The form is not calculating my fee. What can I do?

My low prices are because I don't hire programmers or a web designer, and I created all the pages and did the javascript programming myself. But I have a degree in English, not computer science. Although I have tried many ways to test the pages, sometimes the javascript is not working properly. If your page does not show the correct price, I will calculate the correct price and send an invoice. As always, if you don't like the invoice, you have the option to decline service with no charge. Your deadline is based on when you pay the invoice.

What if I enter the wrong number of words?

The form and requested payment are based on your input. Unlike some services, which calculate your fee based on the actual number of words in your document, my calculation is based on your input. This way, you can include instructions in the document, or specifically ask me to exclude parts of the document when I edit. When I do the actual edit, I will notice discrepancies of payment amounts. Errors in your favour of over $5 will be refunded through PayPal. If you have paid too little, I may send an invoice for the additional amount at my discretion. In addition, a service fee of $5.00 may be added to the invoice to account for my time to issue the invoice.

Can you edit a Google Docs document?

Yes. However, Google docs does not provide the full range of editing tools as MS Word. You have to look at the editing history to see the changes. You have to make sure I've been invited to edit the document.

You can also send me a DropBox link for a document. If you are ordering by cellphone, you may be unable to upload a document. You can send a link, or you can send the document a little later (but not too much or I might not be able to meet your deadline!)

What is your guarantee?

The bottom line is that if you are not happy with the work for any reason, I will return your fee. I want you as a return customer, and I want you to recommend my service to your friends, so I will do what I can to ensure you are happy with the service. I will carefully proofread your document and fix all sentences to bring the document to the level of a university essay in terms of grammar, sense and format.

However, I do not guarantee that you will receive any grade or outcome as a result of my editing. The most important part of your grade is related to how well you met the expectations of the assignment. Your understanding of the material, your research skills, and your critical thinking are key elements of your grade. If you have not read and understood the material you are writing about, I can't fix that with editing. What I do is read your essay carefully and ensure that your essay reflects your thinking and ideas in the best way possible, and using the correct style of writing for university essays. I do not guarantee that I will catch 100% of all grammatical errors. In fact, there are a lot of ambigous grammar rules that some professors follow and others don't. However, I do guarantee that I will carefully proofread and edit your document to university standards.

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Can you edit a LaTex file?

Editing a LaTex file is possible, but difficult. If you export a LaTex file, all the codes for formatting are included, which makes it a very challenging file to proofread. Most of my clients who work in LaTex, save them as a pdf. See the answer below about working with pdf files.

Can you edit a pdf file?

I can make changes to a pdf file, but pdf files are not designed to be edited. pdf files are designed to be portable (ie pdf="Portable Document Format") so they appear the same on all computer systems and can be printed. They are not word processing documents. This means if I delete a word on a line, the words on the following line do not flow back. You have a shorter line. That's not too bad, but I might not be able to add words as well, since they won't fit. If you are a very good writer and only need basic proofreading, then I can edit the document. But there are very few documents that I see that don't need at least a few sentences substantially revised. I can't do that with a pdf.

Also, the response time for the Adobe Acrobat program when making changes to a pdf file is much slower than working in MS Word, so if there are more than one or two changes per page, I would have to charge extra for the extra time.

Another option for a pdf is to place a note on a page where a change needs to be made. But, placing dozens, if not hundreds of notes on a document is not practical. Documents are never created in pdf format; they are exported as pdf files. The editing process should take place before the document is saved as a pdf.

The best way to work with a pdf file is to convert it to an MS Word file (.doc or .docx). Then I can do my editing in Word using Track Changes. Most of my clients who work in LaTex prefer than I work in MS Word and then send them the Word document with the changes showing. They can use that document to go back to LaTex to make their own edits.

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