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Contact Form

Our preferred method of contact is by email. Please use this form to contact us by email.

Please read the terms of service or FAQ page before using this form.

Please use the submission form to send your thesis for proofreading, whether for a sample edit, or to send your final draft for complete editing. The forms are designed to give me the needed information to serve you well, and when you use the form, we have a clear contract for service and you and I both know your deadline.

Use this form if you have a question that can't be answered in any other way and you don't have a document to submit immediately. I'm available 7 days a week for editing, unless I'm planning a vacation. I put notices of my vacation dates on the submission pages as early as possible. In the rare event that I can't do a job submitted to me, I will reply as soon as possible.

For all inquiries, please specify the topic of your thesis, field of study, and length, so I can give you a firm answer. I am not interested in any SEO offers or other services, so don't waste your time to try to sell me something.