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Thesis Editing

Can you edit my thesis?

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You've worked hard, and now you're ready to have your thesis or dissertation edited. At, our goal is to help you to deliver a polished, grammatically correct thesis or dissertation. Our thesis proofreading service includes fixing all grammar, revising wording, and fixing punctuation and capitalization. (See What We Do for details of our service.) In addition, we will work to ensure your thesis or dissertation meets all academic standards. We can work in any number of reference styles, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and IEEE. We edit documents in .doc .docx, .pages and LaTeX formats. See our FAQ on pdf format. For more information about who we are visit About.htm

LaTeX Editing

We edit LaTeX documents using the Overleaf website. You can share your project with us so we can edit it directly. You need to have a paid subscription at the Collaboration level to be able to use Track Changes. It's a small cost, and you can cancel anytime after the editing is complete.

pdf Editing

pdf documents are not designed to be edited. All pdf documents were created in another program, and they should be edited in the original program. It's possible to do minor edits on a pdf document, but you will have to also change the original document yourself. Converting pdf documents to Word is possible, but the optical character recognition process introduces errors that make the proofreading and editing more complicated than they need to be.

Request a sample edit. We can provide you with a sample edit within 24 hours so you can be assured of the quality of our service before you make a payment. If you approve the sample edit, we will send an invoice, or you can upload a final draft through our Thesis Proofreading Order Form. Our extensive thesis proofreading experience will ensure that your thesis has the correct grammar, style, and format to represent your hard work. Check out the full details. Please see our FAQ page for questions about LaTex and pdf document editing.

Undergraduate Essay Editing and More

In addition to thesis editing, we can proofread and edit any document. We can edit essays, reports, resumes, and just about any non-fiction document. We edit graduate and undergraduate essays of any length from only $25. Our standard return time is 24 hours for up to 5000 words. Our form adds one day for each 5000 words, but you can inquire about faster service for longer documents. Order All Document Editing Now.

Essay Editing

Essay editing includes fixing all grammar errors, wording errors, and errors of punctuation. We revise sentences to improve flow and ensure your ideas are presented in the best possible way. We will work hard to keep your voice, so the paper is your original academic work, but presented in the best possible way. Essay editing includes ensuring that your references, whether APA, MLA, or Chicago, are correctly formatted, including your reference section.  (See What We Do for details of our service.) We use Track Changes so you can see every change and learn how to improve your essay writing skills. Order Essay Editing Now.

Secure and Trustworthy

This website uses TLS security to ensure that the data we collect is transmitted confidentially. Your payment is processed through PayPal or STRIPE, so you can be assured of payment security. We never receive your credit card number. Your thesis will be kept secure on our private computer and we never sell or share your personal information or intellectual property. We treat your intellectual property seriously. Please visit our Terms of Service page for details about our terms of service and privacy policy.

Fast Thesis Proofreading at Affordable Prices


2021 Thesis Proofreading Prices. Thesis proofreading in as little as 48 hours. We will correct your thesis for grammar, wording, transitions, reference style, and flow. You don't have to spend a lot of money on proofreading; we will work efficiently to ensure your thesis is correct and ready for submission.

Our thesis editing prices are simple. Use our thesis price estimator to see your price. Choose your academic discipline and enter the number of words in your thesis or dissertation. The form will calculate the price. When you place your proofreading order, the form will calculate a guaranteed return time based on the length of your document.

U.S. and International Thesis Proofreading


We have completed thesis editing for clients all over the world, including the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, China, Botswana, Nigeria, Iceland, Brazil, and Canada. is operated by HyperGraphix Publishing Services. APA, Chicago and other reference styles supported. We also provide editing services for shorter documents, including academic essays both graduate and undergraduate, plus non-academic documents, including resumes and personal statements.

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For Canadian specialist thesis and dissertation proofreading, visit Canadian universities use a unique mixture of British and U.S. spelling and grammar conventions, along with APA, Chicago, MLA and other standard referencing systems. Canadians can also order proofreading for shorter essays, personal, and business documents through For Canadian Proofreading, visit and pay in Canadian dollars. U.S. and international clients should order through to pay in U.S. dollars.

Experienced Editor

No matter which thesis proofreading service you choose, you can rest assured we will carefully proofread your thesis, dissertation, essay, business or personal document to ensure that grammar, wording, punctuation, logic, and flow are all consistent and correct. We have edited documents in a wide range of academic disciplines including accounting, biology, commerce, computer science, criminology, education, English, engineering, fine arts, history, marketing, psychology, sociology, and zoology (to name a few).

Visit our pages on How to Write an APA Essay, Harvard style essays, APA Headings and Pagination, Quoting and Paraphrasing, How to make an APA reference list, and more for advice on improving your writing skills.

I've been writing and editing professionally since 1977. You have my personal guarantee of high quality thesis proofreading. -- Peter J. Francis, Senior Editor