2023 Thesis and Dissertation Proofreading Prices

Our 2023 thesis and dissertation proofreading prices remain unchanged from 2022. We keep our prices low because we know you are still a student and on a budget. Unlike big editing companies, we don't pay web designers, advertisers, or carry a big overhead. All you pay for is editing. We edit documents in LaTeX, .doc and .docx.

All prices are based on the length of the document and the academic discipline.

2023 Thesis Editing Prices
  Social Sciences / Arts STEM Law Other*
Includes psychology, sociology, nursing, anthropology, art, art history, history, English, business, etc. Science, technology, engineering, math, medicine, computer science, anything in LaTeX. Law Personal statements, resumes, letters
First 8000 words 2.25 cents/ word 2.5 cents/ word 3 cents/ word 2 cents/ word
+ words 1.5 cents/ word 1.75 cents/ word 2 cents/ word 2 cents/ word

*Other documents are non-academic only.


Dissertation Proofreader Services

Dissertation proofreading services includes all copyediting of grammar, punctuation, and wording to ensure your dissertation reflects your academic expertise. We correct sentences to ensure a correct flow of logic and sense with the right wording. We will correct academic style requirements such as APA citations and formatting. We can help with pagination, running heads, table of contents, etc. that might be tricky in MS Word. A certificat of editing is available to guarantee your original academic work is intact. All documents are treated as your intellectual property; we do not sell or write academic work.

Thesis Editing Services

Our thesis editing service includes reviewing and correcting all grammar, punctuation, and wording. We correct all sentences using Track Changes, so you can see the changes. Whereever possible, we will revise sentences to improve the flow of your thesis. We will correct both in-text references and reference lists based on the referencing style you have selected when you place your order. We do not charge extra for clients who use English as a second language. Read more about here.

Essay Editing Services

In addition to thesis editing, we offer essay editing services at both graduate and undergraduate levels through our website at We will edit any academic essay for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and flow. We will correct all sentences and wording errors to ensure the best presentation of your ideas.

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