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Essay Editing

Professional Essay Editing. We edit graduate and undergraduate essays of any length. Essays up to 5000 words long can be returned within 24 hours of ordering.

All documents are returned with Track Changes showing every edit, so you can learn from my edits and improve your writing. On request, I will also return a copy with all changes accepted, ready to be handed in.

Essay editing starts at 2.25 cents per word for documents in all arts and social sciences subjects, including education, psychology, sociology, nursing, etc. Essay editing includes editing and proofreading for grammar and sense, transitions, and reference style. Sentences are revised to make them flow with natural academic English. Editing includes removing redundancies and repetition and fixing references. With a minimum price of only $25, this service is ideal for correcting short reports, reviews, and reflections. Order essay editing.

Editing includes:

Proofreading for typographical errors

Typographical errors can happen to anyone, including missing letters or punctuation. A human proofreader can spot errors that an automated grammar checker might miss.

typographical error

Punctuation errors, including missing or misplaced commas, misplaced periods, semicolon errors, and colon errors.

Fix wording

Commonly misused words and replace them with the correct words.

wrong word

Revise wording to improve flow and make your ideas stand out clearly.

Wordiness example

All academic editing includes the above and editing for academic style

Fix references

Ensure that your in-text references are correctly formatted based on the style you identify, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and others.

typographical errors fixed